Welcome to vueltalpujarra! 

 Vueltalpujarra in BTT is An Exciting experience in bicycle of mountain That wakes (intention of sensations up one of the place without a fin Undoubtedly WHILE I KNOW Country pedals For the paths and ways of Surprising East that is the Alpujarra of Granada (Spain -  Andalucia).


Every, nail of the Stages That propose to support the Essence and the charm(spell) (magic) of the Alpujarra, peoples(villages) (VILLAGES) of the United Nations exquisite (Objective) white(target) Distributed in waterfall For The south hillside of Sierra Nevada Sierra Nevada, innumerable Fragrant plants That impregnate swindle(racket) do (she(it), his(her,your)) the essences of the Step of The Cyclists, Sources(Fountains) (Sources(Fountains)) That Arise AS portion art of magic defrauds A shameless freshness That Defies the thirst of Those Who visit them, splits That us Look amazed at a step of our one and invite us to rise to seeing clearer On The Horizon and some Sites(Places) of Interest That get lost Always Just beyond, achieving In The beautiful Day to see the Mountains of the Rif, in the African Continent.  



Have you problems to transport your bicycle? 


  We have an agreement with the carrier MRW, to bring the bicycles from your domicile up to the housing in Mecina Bombarón and return them in conclusion of the voyage.      


  Characteristics of the service:  

   The packing, obligatory operation, of the bicycles is a responsibility of every person who requests the service. The company of transport gathers and returns the bicycle but it(he,she) does not deal with the packing of the same one.

Prices: From any point of Spain (other destinations(destinies) out of the peninsula to consult) Mecina Bombarón and to return them: without box(cash desk) 65 €.
The sending(parcels) was realized from Monday until Friday (except festive). Withdrawal until 7 p.m. and deliveries during the following working day before 7 p.m..
They were remaining the sending(parcels) policyholders up to a maximum of 3.005,06 Euros of the cost value. If you want to extend the insurance you us can consult it.




Vueltalpujarra, born with the ambition to show the secrets of the Alpujarra mountain biking, fell seduced by the sinuous roads that run these sites and has launched Vueltalpujarra fine bike. 
You will find in our proposed road cycling at its best. 
The trail passes through large ports, some known for their height and have under his belt having been repeatedly ports through which they passed mythical tests, and other ports only locally known, but no less charm, which will leave you words, and surprise you with views of the nearby continent of Africa and the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada, you will pass through minimally busy roads, we challenge you to count the vehicles you find. The people that stand, will make an enticing for the visit and in the most unexpected place wink, can not help but take the dismounted to chat with your colleagues and discuss the pedaling characteristics and virtues of this truly unknown and forgotten territory . 
Vueltalpujarra thin bike is a great experience that awaits you to delight in 4 days with all the charms of a great return. A challenge that leaves Mecina Bombarón to explore the Alpujarras, a region of southern Granada, to be designated a World Heritage Site in brief, where you'll face some of the biggest giants in the area, such as the Port of CONTRAVIESA or Puerto of Rawah, but also unpublished ports as Mines of Sorcery or Puerto Santillana. Here's your challenge to discover the magic of the four ports Penibética range. 
Vueltalpujarra Put on your agenda, and when there is a gap, fire at 350Km by 6.500m and D +, at least once in life!
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Welcome to our new web site!

It(He,She) us takes pleasure to announce the launch(throwing) of our new web site vueltalpujarra. It(he,she) can find information updated about the services that we have to offer him(her) you. In addition, it(he,she) will be able to accede to the last news related to the sector, so much on the national level like internationally.
For us it is a commitment to keep him informed about the events and services that we know are important for you.

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Questions and Suggestions

Would he(she) like to know more details on our services? Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be taken pleasure in attending to his(her,your) requests.
We know that his(her,your) suggestions and comments enrich us and allow us to offer to him(her) a better attention. Because of it, we are attentive to his(her,your) opinions about our services.

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